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Bpel DB Adapter Autocommit off

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We have developed the SOA application using BPEL. It is rest based web service ,which is called various procedures from the database using the DB adapter for that we have used non xa database connection in WebLogic 12c. The requirement is that we don't want to commit transaction automatically and want to handle it as per our requirement. To achieve that we have added defaultAutoCommit=false property in the Properties text area of the DataSource configuration in WebLogic console. But it is not working and all transaction get auto-commit by the BPEL service. Please let us know how can we set auto commit to false.



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    I think this is a bit of nasty. Because in a non-xa setup of BPEL each Adapter call will be considered as an autonomous transaction in a separate session. After it, the BPEL engine will do a dehydration, to prevent that it will redo it after a crash and restart of the bpel proces. I think to solve it, you should use an XA datasource to have the different calls coordinated in an XA transaction.

    Since it is a process called by a REST call, you might try to change your BPEL to an InMemory process. But I don't know if that would help.

    But maybe in your case, the most save solution is to create a pl/sql wrapper procedure that does the call of the procedures one by one in the proper sequence. And call that from BPEL as a combined service. Then you can leave it to the database.


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