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SOA12C B2B SFTP Listening Channel Inbound Duplicating Issue

Kumar BishnuKumar Bishnu Posts: 2
edited September 2018 in Integration - B2B

Hello B2B Experts,

We are running B2B on Oracle SOA12C (, and we are noticing the 850 Inbound file duplicated sometimes. The file is being picked up by SFTP listening channel.

Our environment is 2 node clustered environment.

When we enable the Trace-32 log for B2B Below is what error we get. When ever we see the "Error processing the file :" error message, its being processed multiple times.The file size is not more than 2KB.

When there is no duplicate , this error is not there.

[2018-09-18T08:04:11.360-04:00] [soa_server1] [ERROR] [] [oracle.soa.b2b.transport] [tid: DaemonWorkThread: '34' of WorkManager: 'wm/SOAWorkManager'] [userId: <anonymous>] [ecid: 173c3209-0fb0-4f54-a1b6-c56bfa1d0d50-00381204,0] [APP: soa-infra]  Error processing the file :

[soa_server1] [TRACE] [] [oracle.soa.b2b.transport] [tid: DaemonWorkThread: '43' of WorkManager: 'wm/SOAWorkManager'] [userId: <anonymous>] [ecid: 173c3209-0fb0-4f54-a1b6-c56bfa1d0d50-01cfd1e4,0] [APP: soa-infra] [FlowId: 0000MNg^GQb7Y7aLlM8DyZ1R_fvG0000R0] [SRC_CLASS: oracle.tip.b2b.transport.basic.TransportLogger] [SRC_METHOD: log] AQEnqueuer_enqueue: Successfully enqueued message to Object type queue IP_IN_QUEUE with message ID 7625167f49782eace05317036a0a4473

Any pointer ,any help is highly appreciated.




  • Dheeraj Kumar M at AccentureDheeraj Kumar M at Accenture Posts: 128 Red Ribbon
    edited September 2018

    Hi Bishnu,

    Couple of questions :

    Assuming this is inbound flow, where the message is coming to sFTP channel from a external partner, '

    - is the error while picking the message ? and do you see 2 entries in the wire message report ?

    - is the error while posting to the backend application ?.. The error you posted looks like the issue during the message post to the back end application, as it has reference  AQ, IP_IN_Queue.

    Suggestion to use JMS Q as the integration between B2B and backend application. This can be enabled in administration -> configuration  -> Use JMS Queue as default (True)



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