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Internal Server Error by starting the Worklist Application

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edited Aug 26, 2006 2:21PM in SOA Suite Discusssions

every time (except the first time during the weekend) when I'm trying

to start the Worklist Application:
1.Select Start > All Programs > Oracle - Oracle - soademo > Oracle BPEL Process Manager > Worklist Application.

2.When prompted, enter jcooper in the Username field and welcome1 in the Password field.

Benutzername: jcooper
Kennwort: welcome1

I'm getting an

Internal Server Error. (Please contact your administrator.)

I don't know way...




  • 198180
    198180 Member Posts: 99

    the problem was very simple.

    The first week I was working with settings from the Oracle® SOA Suite Quick Start Guide...

    Oracle® SOA Suite Quick Start Guide
    10g Release 3 (
    Part No. B28938-01
    August 14, 2006
    Beta Draft

    2.2.5 Task 5: Create Connections in Oracle JDeveloper

    3.Create the application server connection:

    Connection Name: Enter OrderBookingAS

    4.Create a connection to the Oracle BPEL Process Manager and Enterprise Service Bus integration server.

    Application Server

    Select OrderBookingAS,

    which is the name of the application server you created in Step 3.


    5.Deploy the CustomerService application:

    a.Expand CustomerService > Resources.

    b.Right-click on the CustomerService.deploy file, and

    select Deploy to > OrderBookingAS.

    c.When the Configure Application dialog appears, click OK.


    ... and then this week further mixing the old projects with new i.e. with the settings from the Oracle® SOA Suite Tutorial...


    Oracle® SOA Suite Tutorial
    10g Release 3 (
    August 2006
    Beta Draft

    2.7.2 Create a Connection to Oracle Application Server

    Connection Name: enter SoademoApplicationServer.

    2.7.3 Create a Connection to the Integration Server

    Connection Name: enter SoademoConnection.

    3.12 Deploy CustomerService

    1. To deploy the CustomerService project, right-click CustomerService.deploy in theApplication Navigator and

    select Deploy To > SoademoApplicationServer,

    where SoademoApplicationServer specifies the connection to Oracle Application Server.

    JDeveloper compiles the application and creates JAR and EAR files in the
    CustomerService\deploy directory. If there are no errors, it displays the
    Configure Application dialog.


    The wrong assumtion was:

    The authors from "Oracle® SOA Suite Quick Start Guide" and the authors from the "Oracle® SOA Suite Tutorial"
    are working some how together... Which seems not to be the case...

    Please, pay attention !


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