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LDAP server for wcp and wcc

3717022 Member Posts: 40
edited Sep 25, 2018 7:19AM in WebCenter Portal

Hi experts,

Please guide me to establish external LDAP server , i have some confusion in following points.

1. which ldap server is required for wcp ?

2. After configuration how to configure it with wcp and wcc?

here i am using wcc




  • handat
    handat Member Posts: 4,688 Gold Crown
    edited Sep 25, 2018 7:10AM

    Oracle has two LDAP server products OUD (Oracle Unified Directory) and OID (Oracle Internet Directory). You can use either of them, but OUD is probably better. Once you have installed, configured and imported users into the chosen LDAP server, then you need to configure the connection details for the LDAP you installed.

  • Daniel Merchán
    Daniel Merchán Enterprise Achitect Member Posts: 2,192 Gold Trophy
    edited Sep 25, 2018 7:19AM


    I agree "partially" with @handat answer because I do not know your current situation (If LDAP is present, which one is, or if it is not present it can involve extra license).

    So do not install anything which is not in license or you will have issues when Oracle audits you

    First of all check with your customer which LDAP are they using right now in which version.

    Make sure the LDAP is certified in the certification matrix or Oracle will not provide support to you.

    Kind regards.

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