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Fails to bring up the target schema in ESB

526708 Member Posts: 14
edited Aug 24, 2006 8:34AM in SOA Suite Discusssions
I have a BPEL processes deployed onto the server. With in my ESB
project I am using SOAP service to invoke the BPEL process. When I tried the transformation step within the ESB Routing step, it fails
to bring up the Target schema(which is the BPEL process input schema)


  • If the BPEL service is visable in the ESB Console under the Default BPEL System, you can simply add a routing rule to it without creating a SOAP service. See if this addresses the problem.
  • 526708
    526708 Member Posts: 14
    This is not an Issue.

    On the SOP Service in ESB, on the service explorer screen I was using the Adaptor services section to select the BPEL process.

    Now I am selecting the one under BPEL Services it works fine.

    Looks like in the preview version, the bpel processes does not showup under Adaptor services. so it is not an issue.
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