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overridden persistence defaults still being displayed

snidely_whiplash Member Posts: 576
edited Oct 11, 2018 12:08AM in Coherence Support

I believe the values in bold below are the default paths.  I have overridden those using -D<blah> and my overrides are working but still the defaults get displayed here.

Cache Configuration: orders

  SchemeName: orders-scheme

  AutoStart: true

  ServiceName: DistributedOrdersCacheService


    EventDispatcherThreadPriority: 10

    ThreadPriority: 10

    WorkerThreadsMax: 2147483647

    WorkerThreadsMin: 1

    WorkerPriority: 5


      RulesArray (ArrayList of QuorumRule)


          RuleElementName: distribution-quorum

          RuleMask: 1


          RuleElementName: restore-quorum

          RuleMask: 2


          RuleElementName: recover-quorum

          RuleMask: 16


          RuleElementName: read-quorum

          RuleMask: 4


          RuleElementName: write-quorum

          RuleMask: 8

    Backups: 1

    DistributionAggressiveness: 20

    DistributionSynchronized: true

    Partitions: 257



      Strategy: simple

    TransferThreshold: 524288


      PersistenceBuilder: Mode: active

       Active Location: /home/andrew/coherence/active

        Snapshot Location:/home/andrew/coherence/snapshots

        Trash Location:/home/andrew/coherence/trash

      FailureMode: 1

    StrictPartitioning: true

  ListenerBuilder (ClassScheme)


      FactoryClassName: OrderAddTrigger

      FactoryMethodName: createTriggerListener



    InnerScheme (LocalScheme)

      UnitFactor: 1

Best Answer


  • Ryan Lubke-Oracle
    Ryan Lubke-Oracle Member Posts: 26 Employee
    edited Oct 10, 2018 4:45PM

    Would you mind confirming the properties you used?

  • snidely_whiplash
    snidely_whiplash Member Posts: 576
    edited Oct 10, 2018 6:11PM

    in the cache-config's <distributed-scheme> I have:





    default-active provides the following, which I set and I know they're working because the files are written to these paths"



    Seems like the cache status display that's shown when coherence-console selects a cache is just showing the defaults which I've overridden successfully.   Nothing is being written in those default paths (/home/$USER/coherence/*).  The paths don't even get created now that I overrode their values.

  • Tmiddlet-Oracle
    Tmiddlet-Oracle Member Posts: 125
    edited Oct 10, 2018 9:51PM Answer ✓

    Make sure you set those properties in your client as well.

    I think it is just the client displaying the default values, but they are not used as its storage-dsiabled.

    Please confirm.


  • snidely_whiplash
    snidely_whiplash Member Posts: 576
    edited Oct 11, 2018 12:08AM

    Yes that was it.  Thanks!