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Action "recover" disallowed: Unreachable PartitionSet

snidely_whiplash Member Posts: 576
edited Oct 23, 2018 11:39PM in Coherence Support

I'm my <distributed-scheme> I'm doing this:





It looks like when I try to restart my cache perhaps it doesn't like the state of the BDB because I often get this:

2018-10-10 05:36:51.020/70.846 Oracle Coherence GE <D5> (thread=DistributedCache:DistributedExecutionsCacheService, member=1): Member 3 joined Service DistributedExecutionsCacheService with senior member 1

2018-10-10 05:36:52.941/72.767 Oracle Coherence GE <Warning> (thread=DistributedCache:DistributedExecutionsCacheService, member=1): Action "recover" disallowed:

Unreachable PartitionSet{198..256} - last known locations: hercules at /

And then that cache is unusable.  Others that recovered without error will work fine.

Harvey Raja-Oracle

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