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Self-Service Provisioning application

bderous Member Posts: 33 Bronze Badge
edited Oct 15, 2018 5:19AM in Multitenant


I've installed the Self-Service Provisioning application (APEX) on my mulitenant database. It's working fine but no mails are being sent (when new users are granted access, their password is emailed to them; that never happens).

I did configure the email settings (SMTP host, port, ...), I am quire sure this is correct but the application never sends any mails. It does not even try.

The "Email Send Log" page of the application is always empty. I am not running in demonstration mode.

What could be wrong? I am able to ping the email server from the host where SSP is running.

Kind regards,

Benny Derous.

See  for more info about Oracle SSP.