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Class not found


I have code (jar file) that runs an http request to an external service. When I am using the JDeveloper to run it from main() function it runs with no problems.

Now I am trying to create an event bean out of it in my EPN and deploy it and I am getting class not found for exception. The exception is:

ClassNotFoundException on org.apache.axis.encoding.Serializer. this class is in axis-1.4.jar

I have used the to create an osgi bundle out of the axis-1.4.jar:

./ -target <the module library in the cep server folder>  -source axis_a.4.jar -name <my name> -version 1.0.0

when the server starts I have this message "the library bundle axis-1.4_osgi_1.0.0.jar was deployed successfully to file /data/Oracle/ ..... /modules/axis-1.4_osgi_1.0.0.jar

I am not getting any "the application context for axis-1.4_osgi_1.0.0.jar was started succesfully"

When I deploy the SA application from the JDeveloper I am getting the class not found exception on a class that exists in the axis-1.4_osgi_1.0.0.jar

Any suggestions?