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BPEL executable to BPEL code

user8610761 Member Posts: 5 Blue Ribbon
edited Feb 26, 2020 10:33AM in Business Process Management Suite

Hi everyone:

We have a BPEL process that runs successfully processing EDI records. But we do not have the source code of it for fixing any future bugs and/or making enhancements. The person who developed is not available. Please share if you have any suggestion/recommendation to get the BPEL source code from the executable? We run SOA 12c.

Thanks and appreciate your help in advance.



Martien van den Akker


  • Martien van den Akker
    Martien van den Akker Member Posts: 2,776 Bronze Crown
    edited Nov 6, 2018 6:41AM


    If you log into the EM and go to the soa-infra, you can go to the specific composite and download the current version.


    Then click on your composite and in the menu choose Export:


    You can have several options: for instance downlaod with or without post deployment/configuration plan modifications.

    Very handy if you want to see what the configuration plan has done to the composite.


    In your case you probably want option 4: Export with no post-deploy changes.

    You can then unzip or unjar the downlaoded soa composite and turn it into a JDeveloper project.

    (but make sure you put this under version control right away).


  • Rahul Morthala
    Rahul Morthala Member Posts: 7
    edited Nov 6, 2018 7:22PM

    Adding to Martein's comment.

    To import the composite archive directly into Jdeveloper with extracting the jar file

    1) Create a new SOA application(if it doesnot already exists). File-->new-->SOA application

    2) After the application is created, import the SOA archive. File-->Import-->select SOA archive Into SOA project

    3) give your project a name and select the jar file exported from EM console


    Rahul Morthala.

    Martien van den Akker