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Perform FULL DB Export datapump from SQLDEVELOPER

Cooldba Member Posts: 34

Hi Experts,

We have several application teams would like to migrate the on-premise database to cloud and want to leverage the datapump from application/middle-tier to migrate the small databases upto 200G size.

As part of this migration that application wants to manage, they have options to migrate either schema level or database level export and import using datapump utility

My Questions are:

1. What are various methods available for application users to migrate the database without help of a DBA or without SYSDBA privilege?

2. Can SQLDEVELOPER from middle tier be leveraged for both Schema Level and DB(Full) export/import?

3. Does SQLDEVELOPER writes dump file locally in the middle-tier or db tier?

4. Can we perform direct import in the target connecting to source using DBLINK to cloud DB?

5. Any other best practices

Please share your valuable suggestions and inputs

Thanks in advance


  • top.gun
    top.gun Member Posts: 3,666 Gold Crown
    edited Dec 3, 2018 2:27AM

    1. Well they can;t unless they have special privileges, hence why DBAs normally do this kind of work.

    2.You can use the datapump from SQL Developer.

    3. Dumpfiles are always written to the server that the DB resides on.

    4. Yes, but for a large DB it's going to be very slow.

    5. There is also Transportable Tablespaces, which can be much faster than importing over the network.

  • Cooldba
    Cooldba Member Posts: 34
    edited Dec 3, 2018 2:23PM

    So We can't perform FULL DB export in SQLDEVELOPER?
    what kind of special privileges are required?
    Is there any PLSQL package with Sysdba privilege can be used by application users in SQLDEVELOPER to perform FULL Export

  • Cooldba
    Cooldba Member Posts: 34
    edited Dec 3, 2018 2:46PM

    Is there anyway , i can run expdp command through sqlplus remotely from middl-tier to DB Tier?