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Have the mapping not fail if the source data file is absent

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edited Dec 17, 2018 11:14AM in Data Integrator

Hi Forum.

Does anybody have any recommendations on how to handle a situation in ODI when a flat file that mapping first loads from (first interface between the flat file datastore and a staging table datastore) is absent and not have the mapping fail, but rather have the rest of the package continue on?

A typical use case would be:

Our package deals with loading a bunch of files that come in as a batch.

Everything get loaded into target tables as a full replace (truncate / control append).

Some days only some of the files may come in. The others may not.

In cases like that, we would not want the whole package to trip up on the absent file, but rather keep the target table intact (not truncate, i.e. use previous days' data), but we would load the other target tables whole new flat data files did come in.

Thank you



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