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Search Custom Object And Map In Value?

User_B5W17 Member Posts: 84 Red Ribbon

Hey all, I have a question around mapping in fields.

For example I have a custom object.

Prices | Product


20               1  

25               2

15               3

50               4

and with in OPM the relevant attributes, Product1, Product2 Product3 and Product4.

How could I map in the the relevant prices to the relevant attribute with in OPM? IE How can the table be searched for all instances of 1 in "Product" and then retrieve the corresponding value, and map that to an attribute (Product1) within OPM, is this possible?




  • User_585EC
    User_585EC Member Posts: 33 Green Ribbon
    edited Jan 10, 2019 1:00AM

    I am Assuming here that product and price are the two fields in your custom object. If this is so ,then you can create  an entity mapped to your table for custom object to get this thing done.