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Bad response in request from Invoke action in BPEL

Carlos A
Carlos A Member Posts: 10


I'm facing a problem when an Invoke step form my BPEL process tries to send a request to other external web service.

The response is always the following one:




<part  name="summary">
<summary>Error in operation peticion: Bad Request</summary>


<part  name="detail">

<detail><esbFault> <con:fault xmlns:con=""> <con:errorCode>BEA-380000</con:errorCode> <con:reason>Bad Request</con:reason> <con:location> <con:node>RouteBDNSconcesionpagoproy</con:node> <con:path>response-pipeline</con:path> </con:location> </con:fault> </esbFault> </detail>


<part  name="code">








So the response is not indicating any problem and I'm not able to detect what is wrong in the request.

The most interesting thing is that the same request is working when I send it using soapUI, and sending the same request to the same final WSDL.

As additional information, I'm sending the requests through and instance of Oracle OSB in both ways, but the only one which is working is the one form the soapUI software...

Any idea of what could be the problem?

Thanks you so much!


  • RakeshKr
    RakeshKr Member Posts: 401 Silver Badge
    edited Dec 19, 2018 11:13AM

    The error indicates Bad Request. Check the request you are passing in Invoke Activity. Also check the operation in Invoke Activity of the external webservice.

  • Carlos A
    Carlos A Member Posts: 10
    edited Dec 19, 2018 12:01PM


    Initially, the request structure is correct because the same request is sended correctly using soapUI.

    So this is not the real problem... Thanks for your help.

  • Raj__K
    Raj__K Member Posts: 412 Silver Badge
    edited Dec 24, 2018 4:36AM

    Check the input that is getting passed using the activity with which you are invoking the external webservice. Though the input to the OSB service is correct as SOAPUI, the payload may be altered before the invoking the external webservice.