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12c: Webcenter Portal - BPM Workspace Integration

Dear Experts,

I am currently working on an integration project where I will be using Webcenter portal as the main application entry point, and I will need to integrate BPM workspace within WCP (Web Center Portal).

I have already setup Webcenter portal, and BPM workspace and they are each accessible and working perfectly.

Can anyone kindly direct me to reliable resources by which this has been done? any documentation, tutorials, blogs, step-by-step guides, etc..  to get me started?

I greatly appreciate any hints and advises!

My Oracle environment is:

Middleware: (Weblogic , infra-structure, Webcenter Portal, BPM, soa-infra,......)

Database: Oracle Database SE2 64x

Java: 1.8.0_131

Thank you in return,

Best Regards,