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OIM managed server is starting in Admin state

Jagadeeshwar Reddy V
Jagadeeshwar Reddy V Member Posts: 22 Red Ribbon
edited Feb 8, 2019 2:49AM in Identity Manager

Hello everyone,

We've OIM running on WLS

While starting OIM managed servers they are going into Admin state and I'm not seeing any errors in .out/.log files, interesting part is if I 'Resume' them from WLS console itself then they are coming online instantly. My concern is why are they starting in Admin mode initially, any thoughts?

Thanks in advance,




  • sriram1134-Oracle
    sriram1134-Oracle Member Posts: 6
    edited Feb 8, 2019 2:49AM

    I think some of your deployments configured with OIM are not starting properly.

    When you start OIM, check for any errors in logs that might show some deployment are not initialized properly.

    Also when it goes to admin state, check if all the deployments configured with OIM are ACTIVE.