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Fault handling in File adapter for TXT files in SOA 11G

Ciro Montanino
Ciro Montanino Member Posts: 53 Blue Ribbon

Hi all,

i have a BPEL Process that reads a txt file (once present into a specific directory) and process it's the content. I've also defined a specific XSD schema file for translation.

If the content of the file match the XSD schema, the BPEL elaborate the content, load the data into a database and, at the end, move the file into a different directory.

The problem happens when the content of the file doesn't match the schema file. In this case the file disappears.

I know that in BPM exist  the "Fault Management Framework" to handle the errors.

How can i modify my composite in order to move the incoming file into the inerror directory if it's content does not match the XSD schema?

Below my configuration:

  • Oracle SOA Suite 11g []

Attached the screenshot of the composite.

Thank you very much for your help.

Best regards,