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how to expose my already running java application as Portlet and view it on webcenter portal

web center portal version : 12213

Hi Experts,

As per my understanding of portlet is used to run a external application on portal page , so my question is that i have a java application comprise of SERVLET, JSP AND Oracle Database connection with my application so how would i expose it as a portlet without creating another application , though my application has only two page like login and dashboard, with is connected to the servlet class.

As i found different concept to integrate like i have to create a porltet producer application and jsr 286 in which view and edit.jsp page will be provided as default. Here the question how would i expose a already created application without creating a new portlet application .

Please help me in the following point.

1: If its possible my already build application as portlet then how to do that also since i am using databsase so is there any requirement of additional configuration for db.

2: if i have to created a portlet  producer application and how would i migrate my code and page in the following newly created portlet producer application.

3: or should i use any other method to do that apart from ADF application.