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B2B Invoke remains in pending status

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I have an issue where I have the direct binding invoke in a for each loop for initiating composite  which triggers participating composite via direct binding and writes the file through a B2B adapter as per below flow :

B2B_1 --> BPEL1 -->DIRECT_OUT  >>> DIREC_IN --> BPEL2 --->B2B_2

We have added <property name="partnerLink..nonBlockingInvoke" type="xs:string" many="false">true</property> in both the partner link DIRECT_OUT(Composite1) & B2B_2(Composite2).

Issue : When invoke(DIRECT_OUT in composite1) inside the for-each loop iterates multiple times there by invoking composite2 multiple times as a result,  sometimes we get invoke(B2B_2 in composite2) in pending status pastedImage_3.png with the message

"The transaction was rolled back. The work performed for bpel instance "4418163" was rolled back, but the audit trail has been saved for this instance.If this is a sync request, please resubmit the request from the client. If it is an async request, please recover from the recovery console by resubmitting the invoke message"

This behavior is entirely random and there is no particular order of the above error showing in the invoke

Please suggest any diagnostic that would help to resolve this issue

NOTE: With/Without "nonBlockingInvoke" property in the partner link we faced the same issue.