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BPM Approval Rules Report

I have been configuring BPM Approval Rules in HCM on a couple of occasions now and have noticed that there is a bug in the screen, whereby some values get reset if you touch other parts of a rule.

For example, adding a task after Job Hierarchy resets the Approvers to All Approvers, rather than, say, Last Approver.

Also, the Application Role value is emptied when adding a subsequent component to the workflow.

It would be helpful to have a report that shows all the components and settings of approval rules for all actions, including if the rules are only Bypass Approvals.

I couldn’t see a standard report for HCM or generic, and the BI Catalog doesn’t show obvious Data Models (well, at least I could see any).

Can anyone provide guidance, or suggested code, to produce a report on the BPM Approval Rules?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.