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How Do I Transfer My Domain to Oracle + Dyn?

There are a five steps you must take to transfer your domain registration to Oracle + Dyn...

Verify your DNS: The domain’s delegation will be locked during the transfer. If you are switching to Dyn Standard DNS or Managed DNS, please do so before you begin the transfer.

Unlock the domain: To prevent fraud, your domain registration will likely be transfer-locked. Please log into your current registrar and unlock the domain.

Get the authcode: You will need to get your EPP Authorization Code from your current registrar to transfer the domain. The authcode is essentially a password that authorizes the transfer.

Update your WHOIS information: Please ensure the Admin Contact email address on file for your domain is accurate. You will receive a confirmation email at that address to proceed with the transfer. If you are using a WHOIS privacy service, you must turn it off to continue.

Begin the transfer: Please purchase the transfer by searching for your domain here ( and following the instructions. You will receive a confirmation email at your Admin Contact address, which must be completed before the transfer will proceed.

Once started, a transfer can take up to five to ten days to complete.

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