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Guest LDom marks itself as Automatic recovery will not happen.

etmsreec Member Posts: 2 Red Ribbon
edited Mar 8, 2019 6:00PM in Enterprise Manager Ops Center

I've got a number of guest LDoms, running on a pair of T5-2 systems.  T5-2 CDoms are running Solaris 11.1SRU21, and they are configured in a server pool within Ops Center.  Both servers have the same networks defined, and the same network connections, aggregates, storage connectivity, etc., etc., etc..

I can live migrate the guest LDoms from server A to server B quite happily, and they continue to work.

However, if the LDoms are moved onto server B, they complain that "Automatic recovery will not happen as no possible destination server was found in Server Pool name".  Migrate the same guest LDom onto server A, and the incident is marked as green in the Ops Center BUI.  Everything ok.

I've tried the usual of taking the servers out of the pool and re-adding, deleting the pool and creating a new pool, and none of them appear to make a jot of difference.

The only things that I can see that are any different are:

- MTU on LAN that's used for managing the CDom is set on CDom A but not on CDom B;

- fcode-debug?=true on CDom B, but not mentioned on CDom A;

- use-nvramrc?=true on CDom B, but not mentioned on CDom A;

- nvramrc contains the text "ChassisSerialNumber xxxxxx" on CDom A, and contains devalias characteristics for net12 and net6 on CDom B.

Supplementary question - has anyone actually experienced Guest LDoms DOING automatic recovery, or is it a feature that should work but never actually does in reality?