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How to pass a presentation variable via GoURL/prompted URL?

Hello everyone,

I am using 12c.

Question 1

This is the scenario.

I have 2 dashboard pages.

Dashboard page 1 has a District column with a Presentation variable attached to it. Let's call it PV_DISTRICT. (this is a prompt). This has a default district selected.

This page has a performance tile, which when clicked on takes the user to dashboard page 2.

The navigation is via an Action link to a web page. (basically a GoURL).

Note - I created the URL for the action link by going to dashboard page 2 and clicking on "Create prompted link".

Now on dashboard page 2, i have the same prompt as dashboard page 1 which is District. I have used the same presentation variable on it as well.

I want the district from page 1 to be passed on to page 2.

How can I pass it via a GoURL to page 2?





Question 2

When I created the prompted link the URL is created to something similar.

But when I promote this from DEV to TEST environment or any other environment, I iwll have to manually change the URL.

Does BI have a format where I an exclude the " " part of the URL and type in the rest? I tried this but it didn't work.

Do I need to create a Repository variable in the RPD for the URL and change that URL in the RPD when it's migrated across environments?

Or is there another way?

Christian Berg-0racleairwolf_86