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EM13.3 - How to get overview of CPU, memory, and storage usage by all PDBs on a server?

905077 Member Posts: 54
edited Feb 20, 2019 2:29AM in Enterprise Manager


Is there a way in EM13.3 to get a single overview of the CPU usage, memory usage, and storage usage of all of the PDBs on a server? I know I can check this information on each individual target page, but that's incredibly time consuming. Is there a way to get an overview of every DB on the server?

Thank you.


  • Ian Baugaard
    Ian Baugaard Member Posts: 530 Silver Badge
    edited Feb 20, 2019 2:29AM


    I don't see the same information on a PDB home page as you do and given the structure of multi-tenant, there should be no memory usage per PDB isn't it? For the same reason, CPU utilization per PDB may also be a little tricky to report on but storage at least is the easy one.

    I've just posted the below on another community question, hopefully this will help in some way

    SELECT    mc.target_type, mc.target_name, SUM( ROUND( CASE WHEN mc.metric_column = 'spaceAllocated' THEN mc.value END ) ) size_mb, SUM( ROUND( CASE WHEN mc.metric_column = 'spaceUsed' AND tbs.contents='TEMPORARY' THEN tbs.tablespace_size/1048576WHEN mc.metric_column = 'spaceUsed' THEN TO_NUMBER(mc.value)END ) ) used_size_mbFROM sysman.mgmt$metric_current mc, sysman.mgmt$db_tablespaces_all tbsWHERE mc.target_type IN ( 'rac_database', 'oracle_database', 'oracle_pdb' )AND mc.metric_name  = 'tbspAllocation'AND mc.target_guid = tbs.target_guidAND mc.key_value = tbs.tablespace_nameAND tbs.is_current = 'Y'GROUP BY mc.target_type, mc.target_nameORDER BY 1, 2;