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Custom expression in until field (timer)

Carlos A
Carlos A Member Posts: 10


I'm trying to set a custom expression in the until field of a timer in my BPEL.

I need it to wait until 10:30 a.m. of the next day (+1 day to the current day) and then continue with the process.

This is the current expression I'm using in the timer:

<wait name="Waiting" until="xp20:add-dayTimeDuration-to-dateTime(concat(xp20:current-date(), 'T10:30:00'), 'P1D')"/>

The problem is that the BPEL instance goes to the timer (in SOA server) but seems that the expression is never being satisfied, so the timer is always waiting and it is not possible to continue with the rest of the process.

What am I doing wrong in the expression of the timer?

Thanks for your help!

Martien van den Akkervladodias