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ILOM 4.x: Next Boot Device not working for remote ISO file


I've got a few Oracle X6-2 servers that I'm trying to boot from ISO via ILOM on and seem to be missing something.  Currently testing on  v4.0.4.36.

Here is a consolidated list of steps I've tried:

  1. Reset BIOS to optimal defaults to ensure no weird settings.
  2. Power off sever
  3. Log in to ILOM via SSH or Web GUI
  4. Configure "Remote Control" -> "Host Storage Device" to point to an iso file on an NFS share.
  5. Wait until status reads "Operational".
  6. Configure "Host Management" -> "Host Control" -> "Next Boot Device" to CDROM.
  7. Power on server

Expected result:  Server boots to .iso file specified above.

Actual result:  Server boots to existing OS on hard disk.

Note:  The ISO mount does work, since if I manually intervene in boot process by hitting F8 for the BBS menu, I can select "Virtual CDROM" and the system boots from iso file just fine.

How can I get this to work?

Thank you!