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Data Form - Super Slow - PBCS

elwayisgod Member Posts: 103
edited Mar 6, 2019 12:50PM in Planning and Budgeting

Hi Experts,

Hoping someone can shed some light on how PBCS works on the Data Forms.  I'll explain:

  • Form is a review form only.  So it's really a report.  It has 4 columns that are formula columns ([A] - [B]).  Very basic.  Two columns reference a Scenario which is a Dynamic Calc.  It's sparse thus another issue
  • Issue is in the Rows.  There are 3 dims referenced 'CC, Future and 30 Accounts).  All at iDescendants.  There are 450 total CC, 148 Future and 30 Accounts.
  • We have suppression on and I'm toying with Valid Intersections.
  • During forecast cycle when users open this form it takes approx 3 min to load.  So they are not happy.
  • If I move CC dim from Rows to Page, it takes seconds to run.  But more cumbersome as some managers are in charge of hundreds of CC's and they want to see the big picture.

So there are just too many rows to populate.  I tried building and FR report that mimics this form and it won't even run.

When I remove the columns that are calculated, I do get better performance, but not by much.   My question is this:

When formulas are used in a Data Form column, when the form is opened is the calculation only happening on the rows that are displayed or does it calculate for all of them ahead of time to accomodate if user drills etc.?

Thanks in advance!!!