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Qspace deletion

3864219 Member Posts: 6
edited March 2019 in Tuxedo

I seem to have messed up in the way I cleaned up a Qspace.

Now, neither can I remove the device (using command dsdl) nor can I re-create the deleted Qspace.

My lidl command shows

> lidl

Universal device index 0:

        name: <The complete queue path>

        start: 0

        size: 400

        free space map: 1 entry used 47 available

> dsdl 0

Are you sure? [y, n] y

Q_CAT:1147: ERROR: Cannot destroy device 0 on <the complete queue path>

It doesn't let me create the QSPACE (nor open)

> qspacecreate

Queue space name: MY_QSPACE

IPC Key for queue space: 8005

Size of queue space in disk pages: 350

Number of queues in queue space: 2

Number of concurrent transactions in queue space: 10

Number of concurrent processes in queue space: 10

Number of messages in queue space: 50

Error queue name: errque

Initialize extents (y, n [default=n]): y

Blocking factor [default=16]:

Q_CAT:1428: ERROR: Queue space creation - failed to create table MY_QSPACE.00, size 348 on config <the complete queue path>

Q_CAT:1295: ERROR: Queue space creation failed

Not sure what's holding the cleanup ( so that it lets me re-create).


  • user9130018
    user9130018 Member Posts: 77 Blue Ribbon
    edited March 2019


    Can you show us the whole scenario? Can you run "livtoc"?

  • 3864219
    3864219 Member Posts: 6
    edited March 2019

    - We are trying to bring up a service (tux service) which makes use of this Qspace

    - There were issues with xa-open on this qspace when the service tried to start  (and eventually the service fails to start)

    - so, I try to clean up the created qspace and re-create and give it a try

              - at this step after cleaning up (removed any msgs, removed qspace, removed its ipc)

              - I now can't remove the device .. that's when I get into this loop

    Yes, I can still run livtoc and it shows me the Index and offset for the QSpace I created.

  • 3864219
    3864219 Member Posts: 6
    edited March 2019

    > livtoc

    Volume Table of Contents on <full path of QUE>:

    0:            VTOC256:  Device  0  Offset       0  Pages       1

    1:             UDL256:  Device  0  Offset       1  Pages       6

    2:     MY_QSPACE.00:  Device  0  Offset       7  Pages     348

    I am not able to open the qspace either


    > qopen

    Queue space name: MY_QSPACE

    Q_CAT:1241: ERROR: Failed to open queue space MY_QSPACE on config <full path of MYQUE>

  • Bartek Gasparski
    Bartek Gasparski Member Posts: 9
    edited March 2019

    Maybe You have something already allocated in ipc ? Show ipcs

    And why You dont create new device (as a new file, in new path) ?

  • 3864219
    3864219 Member Posts: 6
    edited March 2019

    These are some of the set standards through a global config file. I can't change the path or create another location.

    How do I delete this ? Ipcs does not show any thing.

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  • Bartek Gasparski
    Bartek Gasparski Member Posts: 9
    edited March 2019

    Each q device is a separate file.

    Shutdown TMQ* serviers or even BBL (all domain) and then delete the file that You have configured as a QDEVICE.

    QDEVICE is that file that You  typed during creation (and also  the path should be in env QMCONFIG) :

    for. example:

    crdl /dev/rawfs 50 500

    so delete the /dev/rawfs  and crdl again with a new file.

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