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GG Microservices: Failure opening wallet 'file:./etc/ssl/Deploy1/Server' : Open of file failed

mariam.kupa Member Posts: 240 Bronze Badge

I am trying to start Service Manager and getting the following error:

[[email protected] bin]# export OGG_CONF_HOME=/GG_HOME/sa/deployment/etc/conf
[[email protected] bin]# ./ServiceManager

From ServiceManager.log file:

2019-03-18T21:12:17.096+0000 INFO | Initialized non-FIPS-140 mode. (main)

2019-03-18T21:12:17.096+0000 INFO | Using configured server authentication mode: 'server_only'. (main)

2019-03-18T21:12:17.096+0000 INFO | Using configured client required authentication mode 'server_only'. (main)

2019-03-18T21:12:17.096+0000 INFO | initValidation. (main)

2019-03-18T21:12:17.096+0000 INFO | Certificate validation protocol set to no CRL validation. (main)

2019-03-18T21:12:17.096+0000 INFO | Using wallet 'file:./etc/ssl/Deploy1/Server'. (main)

2019-03-18T21:12:17.097+0000 INFO | Opening SSL Wallet using configured wallet credentials. (main)

2019-03-18T21:12:17.097+0000 INFO | wrlPassword configured not specified. Assuming auto-login. (main)

2019-03-18T21:12:17.097+0000 ERROR| Failure opening wallet 'file:./etc/ssl/Deploy1/Server' : Open of file failed (28759). (main)

2019-03-18T21:12:17.097+0000 ERROR| Critical failure in security library initialization. (main)

During the configuration/installation I have not chosen SSL, here is the screenshot:pastedImage_2.png