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ODI 12.2.1 Jobs are not Kicked off as per the Schedule

3341034 Member Posts: 7
edited Mar 22, 2019 3:22PM in Data Integrator


We are using ODI version of Data integrator and the issue we are facing is the load plan is not kicked off as per the schedule we have created.

When we run the jobs manually they are running fine. So Agent is up and running.

Step I have followed:

After creating the load plan, Created the schedule to run daily at one particular time.

After creating the schedule, I have updated the Schedule from the  Physical Agent. Topology --> Physical Architecture --> Agents.

And when I try to view the schedules, it shows the schedules in ODI Studio. But the jobs are not kicked off as per this schedule.

Is there any issue with Agent  or Any other set up is missing I am not sure. Appreciate your help in this regard.