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Monitor data in Tsam

2736601 Member Posts: 10
edited February 2020 in Tuxedo

Hi all.

We have installed Tsam Manager in an AIX machine and several Tuxedo domains configured to feed monitor data to it. Some of these domains run in version and others in version. Every one of them have configured

     LMS SRVGRP=LMSGRP SRVID=20000 CLOPT="-A -- -l tux-dev-mf:8080/tsam"

in UBBCONFIG. We also have setted up an environment file


which contains

     export TMMONITOR=app,svc,tran,sys::

But although i can see the configured domains in the Tsam domains pane with their groups and servers




i'm unable to configure any monitoring policies, the dropdown list showing the domains doesn´t include any of the domains, only the ones


As far as i understand, there shouldn't be any compatibilty issues in this configuration.

What am i missing?

Thanks a lot.

Virgílio Costa

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