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archiveadm --root-only option not working as it should be

User_UC62C Member Posts: 8 Blue Ribbon
edited Mar 27, 2019 10:59AM in Solaris on x86

In a Oracle Solaris X86 11.4 system we have executed the following command to create an uar:

      # archiveadm create -r  --root-only /BACKUP/exapbkp.uar

and it finished ok.

Then we executed:

      # archiveadm create-media -f usb -o /BACKUP/exapbkp.uar /BACKUP/exapbkp.usb and it failed with the following error:

ArchiveOPError: /BACKUP/exapbkp.uar contains non-root data. Media can only be created from archives containing root-only data.

If we execute

     # archiveadm info -v exapbkp.uar

Archive Information

          Creation Time:  2019-03-22T13:03:17Z

            Source Host:  exapbkp

           Architecture:  i386

       Operating System:  Oracle Solaris 11.4 X86

  Dehydrated Publishers:

       Recovery Archive:  Yes

              Unique ID:  6fd1e5ac-40e9-480c-b2ea-70d7cf2b5f65

        Host OS Version:  11.4

         Host OS Branch:

        Archive Version:  1.0

Deployable Systems


             OS Version:  11.4

              OS Branch:

              Active BE:  solaris-1-solved

                  Brand:  solaris


         Installed Size:  6.5GB

              Unique ID:  5a186e05-7ba1-454c-87cf-189934451010

               AI Media:

             Root-only:  No

We don't know why it's happening.