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crosstab report

User_IPZH9 Member Posts: 59 Blue Ribbon
edited Mar 27, 2019 4:36PM in Discoverer

How to removed or hide a column in cross tab report.

The column is not needed only one of the distinct value as a columnn in needed.

Report is showing with correct values in differnt  columns. But need only one of them and hide rest of them



  • sbeck-Oracle
    sbeck-Oracle Member Posts: 116 Employee
    edited Mar 27, 2019 6:30AM


    Not exactly sure what you are trying to accomplish.  I believe if there are multiple rows with the same value, you wish to see only one row. The only way to show a single value, is to use a Group Sort, which allows you to hide duplicates.  This may well change the dynamic of the worksheet (results), so be sure the data is what you need.

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  • mrigg
    mrigg Member Posts: 98 Blue Ribbon
    edited Mar 27, 2019 7:53AM

    Possibly you're looking for the inline/outline option (in Tools/Options/Crosstab)?

  • User_IPZH9
    User_IPZH9 Member Posts: 59 Blue Ribbon
    edited Mar 27, 2019 4:36PM


    In the image uploaded, how to hide the columns highlighted in red line. Just need only one column next to it in this section.

    All the remaining section left side is fine.

    Should it be handled in the query (Admin) or can it be managed in the layout (Desktop)


    Usage Rate or Amount SUM



    thanks for your inputs.