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Consuming Oracle BPM Case management through Proxy

Hi Folks,

     I'm consuming Oracle BPM Case Management as a web service(WSDL)through Proxy Client class using JDeveloper 12c. To do development, I have created a facade to prepare the request and receive the response and, I have configured a service handler to verify the request and response are expected.

  While I'm accessing the service through the main function/Servlet running in Int.WLS, I can be able to verify request and response are correct. But, In order to validate the same in BPM, I’m logging in the em console and navigate to the newly created instance, against the process instantiated, am unable to find the payload.


  If I ran the same payload(copied from JDeveloper console) it is working as expected in SOAP UI.

  I can be able to see, through the proxy case management is not accessible. If I ran HTTP Post through the main function it is working.

  I have validated the SOAP UI XML in your blog with our SOAP UI XML. Exactly the same, except the requirement.


  Using Oracle BPM Case Management for raising SR - ticket management instead of Hotel Management.

Can you help me with this?