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user1254328 Member Posts: 856 Bronze Badge
edited Apr 11, 2019 4:36AM in WebCenter Portal

hello - we are portal

Use Case -

1> have a Asset template-  multipleItemContentPresenter ( this has top portion is serach form and bottom is ADF table )

2> deploy this asset to portal

3> Create page1.jspx in portal

4> In portal click "Add Content" and add Content Presenter TF

5> configure all parameters of above CP TF and set template of point 1 above

6> Run Page1.jspx

Issue : everything works good and data shows up in adf table. But the height of adf table consumes only 50 % of bottom half. it does give scrollbars so we can scroll all columns and rows. But the there is 50 % just white space between table and the footer. How can we force the table to consume entire space so that table almost touches the footer ?

Table in the template is wrapped in panelStretchLayout and we even given the dimensionsFrom="parent" but still it does not resolve the issue.



  • Daniel Merchán
    Daniel Merchán Enterprise Achitect Member Posts: 2,192 Gold Trophy
    edited Apr 10, 2019 6:12AM


    Can you provide the pseudo-code of your Template (inclduing the af:table) and if you have made any CSS changes to the Task Flow when addit it to the Page (by Properties -> ...).

    You can setup the stretch properties which surrounds any Task Flow component (cust:showDetailFrame) when added to the page using composer.

    Kind regards.

  • user1254328
    user1254328 Member Posts: 856 Bronze Badge
    edited Apr 10, 2019 3:45PM

    Hello Daniel - Here are the details. Our template has adf table. Form is directly typed in the portal jspx source code ( within panelFormLayout ). No CSS changes to taskflow.

    Its most simple case like have a adf table in template and then simply add the CP TF on portal page as region. Run and Template's ADF table will take place of region but you will see huge gap between the footer and the bottom of table. we unable to stretch this adf table to make it touch the footer.

    here is the portals jspx snippet.


       </af:panelGroupLayout>  ---->  here the form completes....

    <af:panelGroupLayout inline="replace_with_inline_style"  layout-"scroll"   styleClass="AFStretchWidth">

       <af:declarativeComponent  etc  >

         <f:facet  name="ssd1">

            <custc:panelCustomizable   layout="auto">

              <showDetailFrame  background="light"  displayHeader="false"  showMinimizeAction="none"  showResizer="never"  stretchContent= "false"  text="#{ blah blha   blah  }"     xmlns="http  blah blah ">

           <af:region    blah   blah/>


    and Following is the template that has table :

    <af:panelStretchLayout   styleClass="AFStretchWidth"  dimensionsFrom ="parent" name="center">

         <af:table   styleClass="AFStretchWidth"    scrollPolicy ="auto"   etc

  • Daniel Merchán
    Daniel Merchán Enterprise Achitect Member Posts: 2,192 Gold Trophy
    edited Apr 11, 2019 4:36AM


    You do not need in this case to wrap your af:table in an panelStretchLayout (you can keep it if you want or wrap it with simple panelGroupLayout vertical or panelGrid), probaly you copy this from an ADF Blog.

    In Oracle WebCenter Portal alll is wrapped by an af:showDetailFrame which can be customised its strectching properties from Composer properties.

    Also see you have stretchContent="false" setup on it. You can change this in Composer in Page Edit Mode. It means your panelStretchLayout is depending on the parent who is not forcing a stretch its children .

    If you want your table to autoHeight the rows then setup the property autoHeightRows="-1" of your af:table

    Hope this helps.

    If it still does not work I will run a proof of concept to provide exact snippet of code.

    Kind regards.