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Exadata & SAP Optimization

Bulent.Balci Member Posts: 1
edited April 2019 in Exadata


I'm an SAP consultant & ABAP developer with 14 years work experience
and we had an experience to use Oracle Exadata as an underlying database with SAP ERP very efficiently in one of our projects.

I wanted to share my experience about how to improve SAP performance on Exadata by optimizing ABAP codes here.

When I try to process millions of records with aggregation commands (like a SUM or inner SELECTs) on Exadata with ABAP,
my queries are answering in very surprisingly short times with excellent performance.

But , to keep  business logic in SAP ERP application side with a lot of customized business rules , usually calculation codes are kept in ABAP side,

So it's not easy to move all of them to the database layer to benefit in-memory performance.

This means , to use strong aggregation functions belong to the in-memory Exadata functions

SAP - ABAP codes needs to be adapted to use Exadata more efficiently.

There are helpful optimization techniques which helps about custom codes and they create a huge performance difference.

In my blog here I'm sharing information about how to optimize ABAP to use Exadata database performance efficiently,

I hope it will be helpful for everyone.

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