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Surpressing forecasted months based on sub-variable

User_CO3C0 Member Posts: 111 Blue Ribbon
edited Apr 22, 2019 8:35AM in Planning and Budgeting

Hi All,

We have requirement as follows,

Based on the Curr_Forecast_month entered by the user  the form should be visible for the rest of the forecast months starting from Curr fccst month entered.

Eg: if my Curr_Fcst_month is Apr then my form should be open( which means the previous months should not be displayed in the from rather than showing as ready only) for the user from Apr to Dec ( since my calendar is from Jan to Dec).

I tried t achieve by using exclusion option but it dint work , since my Curr _Fcst _month is Apr and left siblings will result in NULL it doesnt work( since period has Quarters) and I have seen other functions but nothing fits better .


I have also tried creating an alternate hierarchy in period without quarters but exclusion has some issue for shared hierarchy.

any suggestions would really help.

Thanks in advance.