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OBIEE issue while integrating with EBS

Hi dears,

Kindly be infomred that we are facing an issue while we try to integrate EBS users with Oracle BI as after we have done the standard configuration we can't login to oracle Bi using EBS users.

also note that we have checked below documents:

Note:1338007.1 How To Configure OBIEE 11g To Authenticate Using a Database Identity Store (SQL Authenticator)

Note:1599590.1 How To Configure The SQL Authenticator With OBIEE 11g and Later


Mohamed Yousri



  • Christian Berg-0racle
    Christian Berg-0racle Everything Analytics And Data Member Posts: 9,678 Gold Crown
    edited Apr 21, 2019 7:52AM

    Hello Mohamed,

    You will have to be a lot more specific. WHAT issue are you facing? EXACTLY? What do the logs say? Have you checked the different components? Are the queries of the SQL Authenticator retrieving the correct data? Etc etc.

    What you're trying to do works in dozens of places so you have to have a specific issue but based on your input it's impossible to help you except for saying "go over everything again".