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Updating my proxy dns service provider with my current IP address

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edited May 11, 2019 9:24AM in Dyn Community

I have been trying to resolve this issue for some weeks.  I have my DYN Update running on my Windows 10 PC.  The reason I need to use an IP updater is that I have no fixed IP address and have an account with a Proxy DNS Server company that allows me to use a proxy DNS to access USA Netflix from Australia.  One of the main issues with using that service is having my IP address updated to them each time my IP changes, which it does often.   On my a/c settings with them on their website (The proxy dns provider)  they have a setting (optional) for me to enter the following:

Dynamic DNS Host Name

I am unsure what to type in to provide the Dynamic DNS Host Name, as I cannot think what would update to them my current IP address - as If I type in my just dnsdns hostname, I would still need the updater running on my PC, I assume this assumption is correct, and if so it defeats what I am trying to do which is not have to have my PC running 24/7.

So I then found that on my router settings (I have a cable internet connection here in Australia), the settings have a provision under WAN Services for me to enter the following:


Domain Name


Now to be frank I am unsure what to enter for above, as I am unable to determine in my own mind if I enter whatever is required here will that result in updating my current IP address to dyndns? - and what do I enter as my domain name, is that the hostname?

Any help will be appreciated.....  In a nutshell, I am trying to update a remote website with my current IP address so their proxy dns will recognize me and update their service as my IP changes.



  • RotBlitz
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    edited May 11, 2019 9:24AM

    I can imagine that this is supposed to work as follows: You run an update client to keep your DynDNS hostname updated with your IP address information, and that Proxy DNS service provider frequently looks up your DynDNS hostname to obtain your IP address, given that you entered your hostname at their website.

    In case your service provider is - this is what they say at their website:

    you can use Dynamic DNS services such as DynDNS or NoIp to automatically update your IP. Please obtain a dynamic DNS host address from one of the dynamic DNS service providers of your choice, and then enter your host address under profile section in your account. We will use this host address to automatically update your IP every time it changes, this means no more interruptions in your service when your ISP decides to change your IP.

    Regarding your IP address information updates, you can use one of many DDNS update clients, like a software on a computer (such as Dyn's client) or a built-in DDNS service on your router, NAS, DVR, IP camera, etc.  But use only one update client at any time for a specific hostname.

    If you use your DynDNS hostname only to keep this Proxy DNS provider updated, and you use this PC where you run the Dyn Updater to access Netflix etc, then this configuration should be sufficient for your purpose, because the IP address information does not need to be current outside of the usage.  If you decide to use your router's built-in update client, then you configure it like this:

    Domain Name; your full DynDNS hostname, like

    Password: your Dyn account password or your Updater Client Key

    This should keep your hostname updated with your IP address information in case your router is working properly.