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Sync issues after deploy in cluster server with HFM

User_9CXTP Member Posts: 5 Red Ribbon
edited May 29, 2019 1:51PM in Financial Data Management

Good Afternoon.

I'm having issues when consulting data from 2 servers, which are twins. When I deploy any change, whether it's matadata or adjustments, and I check the value from two different users, the user that deployed the data, see it the rightway, but other users see an old value. Let me notice that these are two servers and there is just one database.


I've already modified the Max App Server Delay and the Max Data Sync Delay  to 120, but user is still saying even if they wait for 2 hours, the change never refreshes, they need to restart services so they can see the updated changes. Also, after this changes we know this affects the performance, I'd like to know how can we estimate a resizing of the servers.

It's related to this topic, it looks like the same issue, but after changing the parameter, it still behaves the same.…