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Issues with ZS5-2 and LACP on Cisco Nexus Switches after upgrading to 2013.1.8.X series.

User_VQTO3 Member Posts: 5 Red Ribbon

I’m having an issue with LACP on the ZS5-2 storage appliance.

We have 4 ZS Appliances, a pair of ZS3-2 and a pair of ZS5-2 storage appliances.

I’ve been unable to create a stable LACP bonded link after upgrading from 2013.1.7.X to the 2013.1.8.X series.  This issue is only present in the ZS5-2 storage appliances.  We have two data centers each with Cisco Nexus 9396tx switches.  Each has a zs3-2 and a zs5-2 storage appliance.  I have tried swapping bonded network ports with the working zs3-2 and unstable zs5-2 storage appliance and the issue follows the zs5-2 storage appliance.

Is anyone else using LACP on the a Cisco Nexus series switch with a zs5-2 storage appliance?


Originally the LACP bond consisted of the four 10Gb copper nics divided evenly across two Nexus 9396tx switches via a VPC.

Any info on this would be appreciated.