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BPEL Fault Handling

Tapan Sharma
Tapan Sharma Member Posts: 90 Red Ribbon

Hi Guys,

Today, i found something strange w.r.t Synchronous BPEL2.0.

I have 2 operations(First, Second) inside a Synch WSDL on a single PortType.

Both Operations include the Custom fault inside WSDL.

Inside the fault handler(catch), i am replying to the Custom Fault using reply action.

Irrespective of the Operation invoked from the front-end, i am replying on the First Operation of the PortTypeusing reply action.

When the fault occurs for the Second Operation , then also i am using the Operation as "First" inside the reply action inside the Fault Handler(catch) .

Still it is working for me.

Does operation name doesn't makes any difference while replying from fault handler(catch block).

I was not expecting the reply to work like this because i have selected the First Operation in reply action but the fault was caught from the Second Operation.

Wanted to know , OperationName doesn't makes any difference in reply action for the faults ?

Is it just the PortType which is significant  ?