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FR Report error in PBCS


I am working on an on-premise to PBCS migration project. I have few FR reports which have 2 columns. 1st column shows user selected Entity from POV and 2nd column shows descendants of the selected entity.

When we select a level 0 Entity in pov we get below error in PBCS:

Error executing query: You are trying to open the form, but cannot because at least one dimension is not present on the column. Possible causes may be that you do not have access to at least one member of a required dimension, or the member selection resulted in no members present. Contact your administrator.

but the same is working in on premise. If a level 0 entity is selected report shows 2 columns (both with same entity). I know I can use inclusive in 2nd cloumn to solve but it will show selected entity twice. Any idea on this? Thanks.