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PBCS - Administration Mode

User_XUC2I Member Posts: 45 Green Ribbon
edited Jul 1, 2019 4:09PM in Planning and Budgeting

Hi everyone,

Looking for advice/knowledge here.

We have a unique requirement.  During a period close the customer needs to actuals data to be uploaded every hour during the working day.  Currently they are Essbase 'On Prem' which is not a problem with a 'staging' cube as they can build the cube and then just swap it out.

However we migrated all the cubes to PBCS and need to replicate.  Currently, we created some dummy scenarios to load the data to, calc the data etc.  Then we put the cube in Administration Mode to copy data from dummy scenarios over to 'Actuals'.  Then we take out of Administration Mode.

So my question is, what exactly does Administration Mode do?   Does it only not allow new logins?  If someone is already logged in and running a long calc, will it affect the calc at all?  Issue is during this data load process, we run dim builds via Data Management and we have to refresh the application.  I fear if the refresh attempts to run and a user has a calc going the cube will blow up and corrupt or something.

Is there anything that can logout all users and kill are processes in PBCS?

Thanks in advance!!!