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[Database]Flow for event based job on secure queue

Hi guys

Can you please help me identify what am I missing?

I'm trying to execute a dequeue procedure on arrival of a message(message has recipients) in a particular queue

Until now performed these tasks:

-create q1 (multiconsumer)

-add r1 as subscriber to q1

-enq in q1 with recipient r1

-event based job j1 with queue_spec='j1,r1' (job should execute the dequeue procedure )

problem is that job does not fire (tried also without specifying the agent name... only time that it fires is when the message is enqueued without any recipients, but dequeue fails because there is no consumer specified )

I seacrhed the internet for a concrete example how to create a event based job on enqueueing with recipients, but no luck

Is the flow ok? do I have to perfom something else?

May it be that I hit

Bug 9946875  Scheduler event-based job does not fire when there is a subscriber on AQ queue

Regards Florin