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i need portal edit mode session variable 12 C

user611775 Member Posts: 278
edited Jul 10, 2019 3:12AM in WebCenter Portal

I have created webcenter portal using version

pages are implemented in two languages (English & Arabic) and components on the page are visible based on the language.

i need to view all components if i'm in edit mode. so i need to know the session variable that contains that this page in edit mode.


  • Daniel Merchán
    Daniel Merchán Enterprise Achitect Member Posts: 2,192 Gold Trophy
    edited Jul 10, 2019 3:12AM


    Can you elaborate or explain better what is your issue or you want to achieve?

    Usually in Composer you add components that you can see, if you configured "Rendered" or visibility EL Expressions on them you need to make sure the components, at least, are always rendered in Edit Mode or by a specific Role (like a Portal Manager).

    The EL Expression: #{composerContext.inEditMode} tells you if you are in Composer mode (Edit Mode) or not.

    If you are not able to see anymore your components you always can fix it manually by editing the Page Source (in Admin Mode) or exporting / importing the corresponding file in MDS.

    Kind regards.