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Custom Code Migration from custom webcenter framework Application to Webcenter Portal

Hemant Gaur
Hemant Gaur Member Posts: 103
edited Jul 12, 2019 9:31AM in WebCenter Portal

I have migrated my custom framework application( to  Webcenter Portal Spaces( by using  migrateFrameworkApplicationToWebCenter

I have followed following document

Now everything is migrated except my custom java code.

When I try to access migrated  portal from spaces pages does not render and print error in spaces log not able to find file of my custom code.

How can I put up my code up in spaces server as shared library without using  custom taskflow.




  • Daniel Merchán
    Daniel Merchán Enterprise Achitect Member Posts: 2,192 Gold Trophy
    edited Jul 12, 2019 9:20AM


    I do not understand without using  custom taskflow.

    You can deploy in a Shared-Library JAR libraries or ADF JAR Libraries or whatever you need without Task Flows inside too.

    But it is the only way to make them available to Spaces is throguh the extend.spaces.webapp.war which points your custom shared-libraries.

    Kind regards.

    Hemant Gaur
  • Hemant Gaur
    Hemant Gaur Member Posts: 103
    edited Jul 12, 2019 9:31AM

    Hi Daniel, I have copied all my custom code in ADF Fusion web App created jar of it. Packed that jar in generic application created war file from generic application and deployed was as library. Now created New Portal Server extension application and referenced war library from it which was deployed in earlier step. Now how to use same in spaces. Oracle support provided following document How to Create a Task Flow in JDeveloper and Deploy to WebCenter Spaces (Doc ID 1362187.1) but I have not created taskflow while copying code to ADF Fusion web App. So I am not able to see taskflow in spaces server. What can be best  way out for this problem. Thanks, Hemant