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Is IBM Guardium supported on Exadata Appliance ?

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edited August 2019 in Exadata

Is IBM Guardium supported on Exadata Appliance ? Can you provide me Oracle or IBM docs if any if it does . Our Management decided to use IBM Guardium as enterprise direction for monitoring Exadata Appliance .


  • Adityanath Dewoolkar
    Adityanath Dewoolkar Member Posts: 341 Bronze Badge
    edited August 2019


    Apologies for the delay:

    PFB MOS note:

    Support for Oracle Database in Systems with IBM Guardium (Doc ID 2211837.1)

    Above document is generic one.

    But below MOS note shows issues with IBM Guardium on Exadata machine.

    Exadata Compute Node Continously Going Into Boot Loop (Doc ID 2370869.1)

    Also there is one more MOS note:

    Installing Third Party Software On Exadata Components (Doc ID 1593827.1)

    Which states: Custom/third party software can be installed on the database nodes and the Cisco switch but strictly not on cell storage server & IB switches.

    Hope this answers your questions. But you may raise SR with Oracle do get more insights.



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