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Cannot find to install

I have searched for the most recent iPlanet7 installation download for Solaris sparc systems but have not found anything on the site.  The documentation states that I should download a file named but I cannot find this anywhere either.  The prior version that we had downloaded was sjsws-7_0u8-solaris-sparc.tar.gz, but I cannot find that anywhere on the edelivery site either.  I have found patches for version 7.0.27 but nothing else.  I have found REL: Oracle iPlanet Web Server on the edelivery site, but the downloaded file contains 4 different directories ( SUNWwbsvr7, SUNWwbsvr7-cli, SUNWwbsvr7-dev, SUNWwbsvr7x ) and none of them have a setup file that could be used to install webserver7.  Any help would  be appreciated.