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ERP bulk Integration using OIC fails with error that says the zip file has a invalid file with '.pro

Hi folks,

I have requirement to import AR Invoices to Oracle Fusion(Release 19B) using OIC's bulk import option provided by the Oracle ERP adapter.

Following are the steps that I am following :

1. Using Stage File > Write file option write the RaInterfaceLinesAll.csv to a virtual location in ICS.

2. Write the property file named '' in the same virtual location using stage file .

3. Zip the RaInterfaceLinesAll.csv using stage File > Zip Files to location '/ICS/out'

4. Zip the property File using Stage File to same location '/ICS/Out'.

4. Invoke the ERP adapter > Select 'Import Bulk Data into Oracle ERP CLoud' option >  Choose 'Import AutoInvoice' from the list of processes > Configure the Callback option

5. In the Map activity of ERP Adapter, I attached the File Reference of ZipPropertyFile and assigned the filename.

When i run the integration from OIC , the zip file gets uploaded to UCM and then the 'Load Interface File for Import ' ESS Job gets triggered. However, it ends in error soon after with the error message "The zip file contains data file with invalid extension:properties". I have attached the zip file and the property file, along with the log file .

Please advise as to what am i doing wrong and how i can i resolve this.

Thanks & Regards